How to Flash Micromax Canvas 2 Q4310 Using SP Tool

How to Flash Micromax Canvas 2 Q4310 Using SP Tool


1) MediaTek USB Driver (Download)
2) SP Flash Tool V5_XXX (Download)
3) Q4310 Flash File (Download)

Step 1: Driver Installation
 Install all required driver in your computer. Click Here For Installation Process

Step 2: Software upgrade

1>   Open software upgrading platform’’ SP_Flash_Tool_v5.xxxx.00

2>choose “Scatter-loading File’’ to open the interface.
3>Click ‘Scatter-loading’’ to choose file’’ MT67xx_Android_scatter.txt’’ and Download Agent "DA_SWSEC.bin"

4> Choose Firmware upgrade option then click on Download button and connect the handset with the system with the help of USB cable.

5> Software is upgrading.
Description: can’t power on (also upgrade software fail)

Root cause: red scroll 100% run completely when upgrade software, the detail as figure 1, also it prove power supply, clock is normal and defective typical issue is focus on CPU or FLASH poor soldering or damage, and maybe software do not fit for hardware.

Corrective action:

1: My mobile phone, electric

2: Run the tool

3: Press Ctrl+Alt+t(Tool Title Hint: Runtime Trace Mode)

4: (Mene ) help-(submenu )Open logs folder

Note: If your Mobile Not connected to to tool then do try following different actions:
1) Press Vol+ button and connect USB
2) Press Vol - button and connect USB
3) Press both Vol + and Vol - button and connect
4) Check charging socket of mobile 
5) If computer Shows USB not recognized then change charging socket and try again

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