Why Learn Amazon Web Services (AWS) and What different services AWS provide to our Application?

Why Learn Amazon Web Services (AWS) and What different services AWS provide to our Application?

                    In this blog, we are going to learn about Amazon web services and How to use AWS in our application. So firstly we need to know what a public cloud? Public cloud is one of the services where we can move our IT infrastructure like web hosting, Mail Hosting etc. We can able to handle this service cloudly. So basically we do not need to use local infrastructure or buy any server for this things. This all facility Amazon web Services provide for our application.
In current market other also provide these services like Microsoft Azure, Google. Then why Amazon? and what different service AWS provide than others. Amazon holds more than 36% stake in the cloud market. Also, top companies including Fortune 500 use Amazon Web Services. They all host their servers on AWS. The main reason behind is Amazon provide good service also its services are low cost comparatively others service, providers.

Why we need to learn AWS?

1) AWS is the leader and Fastest growing in the Cloud Computing market
                    In last 3-4 years, more companies including fortune 500 use AWS. According to report in 2015 AWS had the minimum cloud downtime than others. It’s only 2hrs and 30 Minutes. They give guaranty that they are available 99.9%. Also, they provide fast service.

2) It has more job opportunities than any other Cloud Provider

According to 2017 report, AWS has more job opportunity than any other platform. Lots of companies movies their server to AWS hence requirement of AWS candidates raising in the market.

3) It has a more mature model of infrastructure, hence has a full stack of services, which complement each other

4) Companies are reserving a large share of their IT budget for upgrades and innovations in the cloud.

What different services AWS providing to our application?

AWS provides more than 20 major services to the application.

1) Enterprise Application
                    In this service, AWS provides Virtual Desktop and Sharing & collaboration to our application.

2) Platform Services

                    Amazon provides Analytics to our application using Hadoop, Real-time Streaming Data, Data Pipelines and Data Warehouse services. Also, it’s providing Queuing & notification, workflow, app streaming, Transcoding, email and search to our App. Also some other platform related service AWS is providing to mobile and Deployment & Management Sections.

3) Administration & Security

                    Using IAM service we can identify users and provide different Access control to the specified user. Also, AWS helps our application to monitoring and storage key and logs of applications.

4) Core Services

                    AWS more popular to their core services like compute, Storage, CDN, Database, and Networking. In computing, we can create our own virtual server using Amazon EC2 service. AWS provides S3 service for Scalable Storage in the cloud Amazon DynamoDB manages NoSQL Database for the application. Also, Amazon provides RDBMS.

This all different service AWS provide to our application also its supports Internet of Things

and Global Infrastructure.

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