Amazon Web Services: Features and Role of IAM service of Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services: Features and Role of IAM service of Amazon Web Services

In the previous blog, we have learned what is Amazon Web Services? How It is work? & what different services Amazon provide to our application. Between all this component we are starting from one of the popular AWS components is Security & Identity. Amazon provides IAM Service for Security purpose. Full form of IAM is Identity and Access Management.

In this blog, we are going to learn basic features and roles in our application of IAM Service. Firstly, We are need to know what is IAM and what is the key feature of this service.

Key Features Of IAM:

1) Access to AWS Consol

            Using IAM we can allow managing user, group and their level of access to the AWS console. It helps to easily identify the user, which different access providers to a particular user. We can define a different kind of access rule to different users using this service.
2) IAM provides centralize control of your AWS account

3)Shared access to AWS account
          We can share access to the different account with the different user for providing differently
kind of roles and different kind of resources

4)We can provide Granular Permission to users

5)Ads links
          If we are going to move on AWS from already available Ads links and domain then we do not need to create new Ads.We can link our existing server with AWS without creating same data again.

6)MFA(Multi-Factor Authentication)
Nowadays Multi-Factor Authentication is most used to access user to the system. AWS provide this service for our application.

7)Temporary access to user or resources.

8) Manage Password rotation policy

Different components of IAM:

1)Users: End User
          In user their have different user in one application like some user have a different permission to access system.

2) Group: Group is a Collection of the users for one set of permission.
          If some user has permission to access same resources and services we able to group all users of same nature. If we provide any permission to group its automatically apply to all users in this same group.

3)Roles: Role assign to AWS resources

4) Policies: Policies is a document define the permission.
          In AWS their have different kind of policies already available we can assign these policies to role or user. as well as we able to create our own policies.
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