How to setup appium in Android Studio

How to setup appium in Android Studio

Appium is widely used automation testing tool for testing any kind of Mobile Applications it including Native, Hybrid and WebView applications also. This post will help you to setup Appium with Android Studio including how to write and test your first basic android application using Appium. If you are new with an android studio then don't worry about this. In this post, you will learn everything about setup Appium in your android studio. I hope after reading this post you will learn everything about the process of setup testing environment quickly. If you face any issue just comment your bugs below. Lets started with step by step guide mentioned below.

Step 1: Download Required Tools:
Step 2: Install Java, Android Studio and Appium desktop client 

Step 3: After installing all essential software open Android Studio and Create a new project with your project name
Step 4: Add the Appium Jar file into your project 
  • Click on Project Section > Click on App > 
  • Change Project Structure From Android to Project by clicking on spinner available in left-hand side 

Step 4: Go to libs Folder by expanding the following directory structure and paste Appium Java jar file and Selenium Java Client jar file in this folder

Step 5: Select All jar file in Libs folder> Right Click > Choose "Add as Library"
Step 6: Click on build.gradle in the app you will see all the libs added into the gradle file after that you need to rebuild the entire project after that you are ready to write and run your first test cases.

Step 7: Now its time write your first test case for android application. Now go to your directory structure shown below

Step 8: Right Click on Package and create new Java Class with the following code

Step 9: Open Your Appium Server and configure accordingly and run Testcase

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