Ionic 3: Getting Started With Ionic App Development

Ionic 3: Getting Started With Ionic App Development

About Ionic:

Ionic apps unit of measurement created and developed primarily through the Ionic instruction utility (the “CLI”), and use Cordova to build/deploy as a native app.

Getting Node and NPM:

Most of the tooling within the interface relies on Node and is managed through npm. The fastest thanks to get Node and NPM put in on your machine is thru the NodeJS installer. make certain to put in the LTS version of Node. shut any terminals/command prompts you'll have open, run the installer, and launch a brand new terminal window. To verify you have got everything put in properly, you'll run npm --version and node --version. If this errors, please resolve before moving on.

Ionic interface and Cordova

With Node and NPM setup, let’s install the Ionic and Cordova interface.

C:/ionic>npm install -g ionic cordova

Once that’s done, produce your 1st Ionic app:

C:/ionic>ionic start helloWorld blank

To run your app, cd into the directory that was created then run the ionic serve command to check your app right within the browser!

C:/ionic>cd helloWorld

C:/ionic/helloWorld>ionic serve

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