Project Development Phases: 5 Phase you need to follow in every Technology Project Development

Project Development Phases: 5 Phase you need to follow in every Technology Project Development

             When we decided to start any technology project from scratch we need to follow some important development phases to complete this project with effective management. This all phases need to implement in any type of project no matter which type of application you are going to develop like Website, Mobile App or desktop software.

             If you are a freelancer or any IT company firstly when you get any project you need to decide costing and timeline for the particular task of each project. So, If you follow given phases to deliver the project to your client this will helps you to grow your business. There have lots of different model for the development of a project like a waterfall model, Spiral Model etc. Lots of MNC companies and freelancer follow one of this model to design and develop their product in the standard manner.

Phase 1: Requirement & Research Gathering

               If you want to develop the perfect product as per client requirement or your requirement this phase is very important to you. Mainly this is the root of each project. You need to understand all requirement of the given project so take some time for this phase. Also, Note down each unique idea or client requirement about the project. You should carry one Notebook and Pen to write all requirement also you can use different Note software’s. Paper and pen is an old model but it’s more impactful in still date. Choose any tools suitable and familiar for you.

               After gathering all the information you need to research on this information. Write down different questions you need to search. Decide which technology, tools you need to use in this project. Ask questions to your clients, discuss with your team. Always give more time for this phase because if you miss some things that will create more effect on your entire project development.

               When you complete requirement and research about project further you need to choose which technology suitable for given project like if you are developing any client website then you need to decide which framework suitable for this website.

Phase 2:  Design Phase

               The design phase is the actual look of your project and it is also an important phase. If your project is the website, Mobile App or any Software then you need to design layout of the project this will helps you in the development phase. This phase consists of wireframe and UI design of the actual product. For this, you can use different tools like Adobe XD, illustrator, Photoshop etc.

               Always take 2 or 3 revision of each design from the client because the design is the actual depend on users point of view. So, always make sure its easy to understand by customers or user of a product. If you complete this phase effectively then this will help to speed up your development phase.

Phase 3: Development Phase

               After completing the design phase now it’s time to the actual development process of a project. When you start development always give deadline yourself for each section. If you are a programmer always write your code clean and understandable for another developer. Also, make the habit to create development documents this will help to other developers if you are not available.

               Choose appropriate material, images other media also follow their own copyrights terms. If you want to use free images there have lots of sites provide free images and videos like also you can use shutters talk paid images to buy purchasing.

Phase 4: Testing

               Testing is the important phase before any product launch to the user. This phase helps you to analyze your complete project and find bugs and errors of the development phase. So, You can make the better product before customer experience. There have different ways of testing you can test the product yourself or by your friends and network. But always remember feedback is important for every product to update good things.

Phase 5: Publish

               This is the last phase of your project. After completing all above 4 phases now your project is ready for publishing. When you are going to publish your product always take care of small this like security, bug-free code and other things.
Before starting any project always decide timeline and cost for each phase depend on the project and set the milestone to the client for each phase of development. Also, always try completing each phase before the deadline so this will help you to complete your project hassle-free.

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