Mobile Application Proposal Plan: How to Make Professional Proposal Plan For Develop Your Mobile Application Project

Mobile Application Proposal Plan: How to Make Professional Proposal Plan For Develop Your Mobile Application Project

             If you have decided to build your own mobile app idea, the idea can be anything firstly you need to find a good Idea. I encourage you to discuss ideas with peers, family, and friends, to receive feedback and more app ideas.
             Once the idea is set, you have to write your proposal for the project. The proposal is a detailed planning document for your mobile app project. The effort that you will be invested in this proposal will have a direct impact on the success and quality of your project. Below is the proposal format you need to follow to create a good proposal for any mobile app:
1) App Title
               You need an appropriate app title, one that shows the nature of your app, without being too wordy or verbose. Also, don't forget to choose an app title that will easy to remember and good to describe your app.
2) Description of the App
               This section should describe the App your project will address. Describe your app idea, clearly explain what it will do, describe the functionality of the application, what problem it solves,  clearly, state your goals for the project (what you hope to accomplish). 
3) Analyze and define the target audience for your application
               Describe the end users of your app and their needs. Briefly describe if exist other Apps as the one you are proposing and describe the ways in which they do and especially do not address the user needs. Is there any feature of an existing app that must be preserved? Abandoned?, is your App Idea unique?
               Research every App that provides similar value to a user, look at what they offer, how the user experience flows, what type of screen they use, read the reviews by their users. Learn from competitors.
4) Design the UI concept
              Sketch out how you envision your interface and how your application workflow might develop, mobile applications start with a UI concept, and then work toward developing solutions to reach this interface.
               Think of this as a prototype, but this one only tests the workflow and the visuals. Add all the required views as well as the navigation, whether it will be menus, drawers, tabs, etc.
5) Technical specifications
              With your goals in mind, make a list of all the technical requirements of your App, what will you need? after doing it, make a list with all the features your app will offer, list the relationships and dependencies so you know what to do first, then categorize them in order of importance, take the LIST OF REQUIREMENTS YOUR APP MUST HAVE and check if your app fulfills all of the criteria listed.
            Research if any APIs can help with your project’s functionality.
6) Monetization strategy and model
            Describe your monetization strategy, why and how you plan to monetize your app, what model will you choose “advertising and in-app purchases or subscription”? what tools will you use? Google Analytics, Admob, GoogleTag Manager, how will you measure the success of your app? Identifying at least 3 ways to turn your app into a profit-generating app.
7) Project Timeline
            Provide a realistic and detailed timeline for your project completion. Identify key tasks, activities, milestones. A Gantt Chart or equivalent is expected.

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